Thursday's global agenda: US prepares for post-Chavez era

In other news

Three Kurdish activists were assassinated in France on Thursday, potentially jeopardizing cease-fire talks with Turkey. [The New York Times]

Iran is stalling on a date to resume nuclear talks, U.S. officials say. [Al-Monitor]

America's energy boom could reshape the country's foreign policy. [The Wall Street Journal]

Lobbying and regulations:

The State Department is seeking public comment on its Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

The Camstoll Group is working for Outlook Energy Investments (wholly owned by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi) regarding “Issues pertaining to illicit financial activity and developing and implementing strategies to combat illicit financial activity.”

Global Affairs news you might have missed

Leahy says he’ll have stronger hand over US foreign aid

France's wine lobby bristles at California 'Champagne' for Obama's inauguration

US to meet with Russia over Syria

State keeps PLO's office in DC open

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