Wednesday's global agenda: Syrian crisis embroils Israel

In other news:

Egypt's opposition is demanding that President Morsi create a unity government amid threats of a military intervention to end violent protests. [The New York Times]

The U.S. and other nations pledged $455.5 million for the African-led mission in Mali during a donor conference in Ethiopia. [The Wall Street Journal]

Israel boycotted its human-rights review at the U.N. [The Washington Post]

Lobbying and regulations

Alston & Bird is working for Russia (through Ketchum Inc.) “to gather information and provide advice and analysis on various areas of U.S. foreign and foreign economic policy, including trade, energy and politico-military issues which affect the bilateral U.S.-Russian relationship” and “will also monitor and report on legislative developments in the Congress in similar issue areas.”

CDN International is lobbying on behalf of the Social Communication Secretariat of the Office of the President of the Republic of Brazil.

Global Affairs news you might have missed

Obama defends US role in Syria in Arabic-language address

State Department defends commitment to closing down Guantánamo prison

Sen. Graham: Either Panetta testifies on Libya or I put hold on Hagel nomination

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