Tuesday's global agenda: U.S. counterterrorism under the microscope

In other news

Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to timetable for Taliban peace talks

U.S. had shot at taking down north African Islamist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar a decade ago [The Washington Post]

The Obama administration interfered in Mexico's choice of secretary of Defense, reports The New York Times.

Lobbying and regulations:

Paige Reffe is lobbying on behalf of Montenegro.

Africa Travel Association, Inc. “promotes travel, tourism and transport to and within Africa and strengthens intra-Africa partnerships.” The governments of Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are among its 12 directors.

World Zionist Organization -- American Section, Inc is registered to “foster the ideals of Zionism and Judaism, and the unity of the Jewish people, to encourage the immigration of Jews to Israel and their resettlement and rehabilitation therein in industry, agriculture, commerce, and the trades; and to assist and further their cultural, educational, religious, social, artistic, and scientific endeavors to encourage, foster and promote the knowledge and study of Hebrew language and literature, Jewish culture, history, philosophy and traditions, and the achievement of the Zionist ideal; and in connection therewith, to disseminate, publish and otherwise make available cultural, literary, religious, social, artistic, scientific and other publications and works relating to Judaism, Zionism, Israel and kindred subjects.”

The State's Department's Shipping Coordinating Committee meets Feb. 25; its Advisory Committee on International Postal and Delivery Services will meet March 6.

Global Affairs news you might have missed

Senate passes bill allowing State Department to beef up embassy security

Biden vows climate change action in meeting with France's president

Libya interventionist Samantha PowerSamantha Jane Power8 signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump's campaign 115 former US ambassadors write Senate opposing Gina Haspel Trump expected to remove US from Iran nuke deal MORE leaving White House

Ireland's ambassador to the U.S. sets goals for EU presidency

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