Rubio, Risch demand information on Benghazi suspect

In a letter sent Tuesday to Brennan, the lawmakers request that his office turn over any “information passed through diplomatic, intelligence, and law enforcement channels, whether done formally or informally,” as well as “all additional information the U.S. government has” regarding al-Harzi and his alleged role in the attack. 

Four Americans, including Amb. Chris Stevens, died in the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. Republicans have grown increasingly critical of the failure by the FBI and foreign governments to charge anyone more than five months after the attack, with Rubio suggesting during Brennan's hearing that al-Harzi's release shows U.S. cooperation with countries like Tunisia isn't working.

"Well, we have someone who was a suspect in the potential attack on — in the attack on Benghazi. They didn't give us access to him and we don't have any information from him," Rubio said at the hearing. "That doesn't sound like a good system of working with our foreign partners."

"No," Brennan responded, "it shows that the Tunisians are working with their rule of law, as well, just the way we do."