Kerry to make the case for 'strong foreign policy' in UVA speech, his first

The speech at the university founded by Thomas Jefferson, America's first secretary of State, will be part of a “series” of speeches Kerry intends to make in U.S. cities, Nuland said.

It comes just days before Kerry's first trip abroad later this month to the Middle East and Europe, the details of which are still being ironed out.

“He's making this address at UVA in advance of his first overseas trip so that he can [speak directly] to the American people the investment President Obama has made and that this nation needs to continue to make in a strong foreign policy,” Nuland said. “In particular, Sec. Kerry will discuss how a relatively small investment in our foreign policy and diplomatic efforts around the world results in big returns for America's economy, America's security, American businesses and American citizens; and that we all have a stake in an ongoing debate about our nation's budget priorities and how we can be strong at home and strong abroad at the same time.”