Obama urged to pursue Cuba thaw

"Grant exceptions for commerce—including sales and imports—for businesses and individuals engaged in certifiably independent (i.e., non-state) economic activity.

"Allow for the export and sale of goods and services to businesses and individuals engaged in certifiably independent (i.e., non-state) economic activity.

"Allow licensed U.S. travelers to Cuba to have access to U.S.-issued pre-paid cards and other financial services—including travelers’ insurance.

"Expand general licensed travel to include U.S. executives and their duly appointed agents to Cuba in financial services, travel and hospitality-related industries, such as banking, insurance, credit cards, and consumer products related to travel.

"Expand general licensed travel to include: law, real estate and land titling, financial services and credit, and any area defined as supporting independent economic activity.

"Allow for the sale of telecommunications hardware—including cell towers, satellite dishes, and handsets—in Cuba.

"Allow for the possibility for Cuba to request technical assistance from International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the area of economic and institutional reform."