Reagan official's home searched over alleged ties to Sudan

The FBI searched the home of President Reagan's national security adviser this month looking for evidence he's lobbied for Sudan, The Washington Post reports.

Federal agents say they found emails showing Robert “Bud” McFarlane collaborated with the Sudanese government. U.S. law makes it illegal to lobby for the Khartoum regime, which seeks to be taken off the sanctions and state sponsor of terrorism lists, because of its human-rights abuses.

"I believe that these emails are evidence that McFarlane was entering into an agreement with the government of Sudan to lobby the U.S. government officials on behalf of Sudan and to provide it advice during negotiations with the United States,” a federal agent wrote. The agent goes on to accuse McFarlane of seeking to hide that connection “by construing the agreement to make it appear that his contractual relationship was with Qatar, when in fact it was not.”

A lawyer for McFarlane told the Post he did nothing wrong.