Obama administration cautiously endorses UN combat force in central Africa

The task of the brigade, which includes infantry, artillery and special forces and reconnaissance units, is to “prevent expansion of all armed groups, neutralize these groups, and to disarm them.” More than 5 million people have been killed in the eastern DRC since 1998 in the most bloody conflict since World War 2.

“The intervention brigade will carry out targeted offensive operations, with or without the Congolese national army, against armed groups that threaten peace in the eastern part of DRC – a region that is prone to cycles of violence and consequent humanitarian suffering,” according to the UN. “The objectives of the new force – which will be based in North Kivu province in eastern DRC and total 3,069 peacekeepers – are to neutralize armed groups, reduce the threat they posed to State authority and civilian security and make space for stabilization activities.”