US offers $5M for African rebels' capture as key ally abandons hunt

“Kony has terrorized and killed innocents for decades. Let’s use this reward offer to put Kony out of the picture,” said House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.), who sponsored the expansion.

The rewards come as the hunt for Kony has hit a setback after rebels toppled the government of the Central African Republican, where Kony is believed to be hiding. Uganda, which has taken the lead in tracking him, said Wednesday it was calling off the search because the country's new leaders aren't cooperating.

 “The political turmoil in Central Africa at the moment is disconcerting,” Royce said. “But Kony will continue his terror irrespective of who is in power. We expect the continued cooperation from our allies in the region so that we may put an end to the LRA’s atrocities.”