US citizen captured, Colombian rebels claim

A U.S. citizen has been captured by Colombia’s FARC rebel movement, the group claimed late Friday.

The man has been identified as Afghan War veteran Kevin Scott Sutay, according to wire service reports.

FARC is willing to release the man, whom then say has been held captive since June 20, to a humanitarian commission, the Associated Press said.

According to the AP, no U.S. citizen has been reported missing and the U.S. Embassy had no comment.

The FARC rebels, which have seen their power erode over the last decade, have been in peace talks with the U.S.-backed Colombian government and are offering the release of the U.S. veteran as a goodwill gesture.

Three State Department contractors, Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Keith Stansell, were rescued from FARC capture in a daring raid in 2008.