Russian media: Give Obama's Nobel Prize to Putin

The comments, Foreign Policy magazine reports, are part of a widespread effort to play up Putin's international stature — and play down Obama's. Russian newspapers have been portraying Putin as a peacemaker for days, as have the country's television outlets.

The White House says Putin only offered to help Syria give up its chemical weapons because of the threat of U.S. force.

“We have seen more cooperation and helpful activity on this matter from the Russians in the last two days then we’ve seen in the last two years,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Wednesday. “And I think that is clearly because of the President’s forceful comments about the need to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable for the use of chemical weapons against his own civilians.”

Obama received the Peace Prize in 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," notably his push for nuclear disarmament talks with Russia.

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