Clintons lose personal friend in Kenya attack

Bill and Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonKoch brothers group won't back Stewart in Virginia Giuliani says his demand for Mueller probe to be suspended was for show Poll: GOP challenger narrowly leads Heitkamp in North Dakota MORE lost a personal friend in the terror attack in Kenya over the weekend, the former president said on Tuesday.

In an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS’s "This Morning," Clinton said a worker for the Clinton Global Initiative who was nine months pregnant died along with the baby’s father in the attack on a high-end shopping mall in Nairobi.

“Yes, we -- we lost one of our employees in our health access program, which works on getting the world's cheapest AIDS and malaria drugs and building health systems around Africa,” he said. 

“She actually worked in Tanzania. And I saw her just a couple weeks ago in Dar es Salaam when I was there, but she was nine months pregnant, just a couple of weeks away from delivery. So she and her baby's father were walking in that mall in Nairobi, because she wanted to have the baby in Kenya.  She thought that would be best. And they were both killed.”

Islamist militants from the terror group al-Shabaab killed at least 69 people in the attack.

Clinton said the violence likely stemmed from Kenyan efforts to stamp out al-Shabaab in Somalia.

“I think that they clearly were targeting Kenya because the Kenyans had gone into Somalia to try to stop al-Shabaab from spreading to Kenya,” he said. 

“It appears to me that the Kenya government has been quite resolute and done a good job, and I know that President Obama's administration has supported them in their efforts. And I think this is kind of a long-term deal. We have to go on with our lives, plan our normal lives and do our best to stop these things before they start, and answer it appropriately when they do.”