Obama, Indian PM tout shared interests on economy, security

On Friday, however, the pair said that they had made great progress on economic cooperation and a nuclear energy program.

In comments to reporters, Obama touted the "enormous commerce ties" between the two countries, "enormous progress" on energy issues and a "shared interest" in regional stability.

"India, as a significant not just regional power but world power, has worked closely with us on a whole range of issues from climate change to how we can help feed the world, alleviate poverty, and deal with disease," Obama said.

Singh called the two countries "indispensable partners" and thanked Obama for "an outstanding contribution to strengthening, widening and deepening of our cooperation in diverse fields."

"India and America are working together to give our cooperation a new sense of purpose, widening and deepening in diverse directions," he said. "We are cooperating in expanding the frontiers of trade, investment and technology."