Russian official: 'Trump is not senseless' on North Korea

Russian official: 'Trump is not senseless' on North Korea
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A top Russian official on Saturday lauded President Trump for exploring a diplomatic solution to the rapidly expanding North Korean nuclear weapons program.

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov tweeted that Trump "is not senseless" when it comes to resolving the conflict in North Korea.

"Trump is not senseless. He weighs risks. This is demonstrated by his refusal to strike North Korea, and inclusion of China in [diplomatic talks] rather than conflict with it," Pushkov tweeted.


The Russian lawmaker, who has been critical of Trump's foreign policy decisions in recent months, also called for a diplomatic solution with North Korea this week.

"In the case of North Korea, as with Iran, there need to be political methods of solving the problem. Military methods will solve nothing, are highly dangerous and can lead to war," he tweeted.

Many experts feared that North Korea would conduct yet another nuclear test in honor of the 105th year marking the birth of the country's founder, Kim Il-sung, on Saturday.

In response to the potential test, the U.S. deployed a naval strike force last week that included an aircraft carrier and strategic submarines to the region.

NBC reported on Thursday also suggested that the White House was ready to execute a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea if officials thought Pyongyang would go through with its nuclear test.

Later on Thursday, however, several reporters claimed that administration sources were denying the report.

Trump also held extensive talks with China in recent weeks, urging Beijing to assist the U.S. in pressuring North Korea to stop its nuclear program.

The tense standoff in the region seems to have temporarily cooled off on Saturday, after North Korea did not go through with an expected nuclear weapons test.