Retired general says Russian Syria warning is ‘rubbish’

Retired Gen. Jack Keane labeled a Russian warning to the U.S. that they will treat any U.S.-led coalition planes flying east of the Euphrates River in Syria as targets as "rubbish" on Monday.

“That’s rubbish. They’re not going to shoot at U.S. airplanes. They’re not going to take on the United States,” Keane said on “Fox and Friends.”

“They have very limited capability in Syria by comparison to U.S. capability, and that’s just more talk out of them. It’s bluster. We’ve heard it before,” he continued.

Keane’s remarks come hours after the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying it will treat U.S.-led coalition planes in Syria that fly west of the Euphrates River as targets. Moscow is also demanding a full U.S. account of its decision to shoot down a Syrian jet Sunday.

Russia is the chief patron of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has been battling a civil war in his country against various enemies for years.