N. Korea: Trump tweets ‘ego-driven thoughts’ and ‘spouts rubbish’

N. Korea: Trump tweets ‘ego-driven thoughts’ and ‘spouts rubbish’

North Korea on Tuesday went after President Trump and his tweeting habit.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency targeted Trump as someone who tweets "weird articles of his ego-driven thoughts" and "spouts rubbish," The Associated Press reported.

“Trump spouted rubbish that if a war breaks out, it would be on the Korean Peninsula, and if thousands of people die, they would be only Koreans and Americans may sleep a sound sleep,” KCNA wrote.

The commentary comes after the start of the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercises, which are staged to train South Korea for dealing with an attack by the North.

This year's exercises will include about 17,500 U.S. troops, with 3,000 not based on the peninsula. It is "a computer-simulated defensive exercise designed to enhance readiness, protect the region and maintain stability on the Korean Peninsula,” the Pentagon said in a statement last week.

North Korea threatened "merciless retaliation" in response to the U.S.-South Korea military drills, calling them an invasion rehearsal. 

Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea escalated in recent weeks after it was reported that North Korea had successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead to mount on a missile.

President Trump promised "fire and fury" if North Korea continued to threaten the U.S. and said U.S. military options were already "locked and loaded."

KCNA also went after South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo.

The commentary said the defense minister was "running wild" and relying on the "master of the White House," adding that Song was "pinning hope on that mad guy."