Priebus slams Russia report: 'This stuff is total garbage and it's not true'

Incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus on Wednesday blasted unverified reports that Russia has compromising information on President-elect Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpOn North Korea, give Trump some credit Exclusive: Bannon says Rosenstein could be fired 'very shortly' GOP dissidents on cusp of forcing immigration votes MORE.

"It is complete garbage," Priebus said on "Fox & Friends."

"I was in the briefing too and I got to tell you, this salacious stuff, the first I've heard of any of these things, was when someone printed off of Buzzfeed."

Priebus said even Buzzfeed, which published the alleged 35-page document, said the report isn't credible. And The New York Times, he added, said it couldn't verify the report's claims.

"This report apparently was written by some retired U.K. agent who set up shop and is getting paid independently by ... someone in a campaign opposed to Trump to perform some sort of opposition research," he said.

"This stuff is total garbage and it's not true."

Reports surfaced on Tuesday that intelligence officials had briefed the president-elect on an dossier of unverified material alleging the Russian government had compromising information on him.

The 35-page document, made up of a collection of memos filled with explosive claims about Trump's relationship to Russia, has reportedly been circulating among journalists and officials for at least a few weeks.

But the sourcing on the documents is unclear and likely also unverifiable. CNN reported that the information was based primarily on memos compiled by a former British intelligence operative intended as opposition research into Trump.

Priebus on Wednesday also disputed claims in the unverified reports that Michael Cohen, counsel to the president-elect, had taken part in meetings with Russian officials in Prague.

"He's never been to Prague in his life. I looked at his passport, page by page, he's never been to Prague," Priebus said during the interview.

"On top of it, a news outlet yesterday verified that in fact he was in California at the time that they claimed he was in Prague. The guy was never there."