Kagan wants cameras in the Supreme Court

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan thinks broadcasting the Supreme Court's proceedings is a "terrific thing," according to testimony at her confirmation hearing on Tuesday.

When asked by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) if she supports putting cameras in the nation's highest court, Kagan said the preparation and intellectual rigor of the justices could prove inspirational to the American people.

"I recognize that some members of the court have a different view, and certainly when and if I get to the court I will talk with them about that question, but I have said that I think it would be a terrific thing to have cameras in the courtroom," Kagan said.

Other justices, including Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts, have expressed reservations about allowing cameras into the court out of fear they may affect arguments and make participants more prone to speaking in sound bites. Kagan said she would like to discuss the topic with the other justices, but said she believes her position is the correct one.

Watch the video of her response here. (Hat tip: Ed O'Keefe)