With Boucher talks, four simultaneous efforts take on net neutrality

Boucher, the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce communications subpanel, said his talks are similar to the FCC's meetings, where Google, the Open Internet Coalition and Skype are discussing broadband regulation with Verizon, AT&T, and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association in talks brokered by top agency officials.

Boucher said his meetings "involve essentially the same individuals who have been conducting discussions on this matter at the FCC."

The distinction, however, is that "the meetings in my office are focused on the prospect of passing legislation, while the discussions at the FCC are designed to inform the ongoing rulemaking being considered at that agency."

The talks on Capitol Hill have been ongoing for several months and have been bipartisan. The focus is finding "a narrow set of principles assuring Internet openness," according to Boucher's statement.