States ask Google if it knew of software’s ‘Spy-Fi’ capabilities

“Please explain how, after testing the [software] before its launch, Google was unaware that the software was able to collect [user data] from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks,” the states said in a letter sent to Google on Wednesday.

He added that the 37 states will investigate Google “vigorously and aggressively.”

The company has apologized for its data collection practices but insists it did not break the law. 

The data collection point was Google’s Street View vans, which take photographs for its mapping application.

Blumenthal, a Democrat, is a contender for Connecticut’s Senate seat in 2010. 

”Street View cannot mean ‘complete view,’” Blumenthal said earlier this year. “Google must come clean.” 

A Google spokesperson offered this comment as a response on Wednesday: "As we’ve said before, it was a mistake for us to include code in our software that collected payload data, but we believe we did nothing illegal. We’re continuing to work with the relevant authorities to answer their questions and concerns."