Copyright crusaders accused of stealing code

The U.S. Copyright Group (USCG), an organization that has filed a complaint against people that it said downloaded movies illegally, is being accused of cribbing its website code from another company.

USCG had set up a website to deal with its copyright lawsuits. “But instead of coding the site themselves, they had simply copied the code (including the copyright statement) and images from a company in the same line of work,” alleges the blog TorrentFreak.

When TorrentFreak alerted the other company, Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG), of the allegation, it was receptive to the message, according to the blog. TorrentFreak said CEG responded as follows:

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are not associated with USCG and they are not authorized to use Copyright Enforcement Group materials.”

The Hill has contacted USCG for comment.