New York Reps. back NBCU-Comcast merger

"When any two organizations merge, there are legitimate concerns about media consolidation and diversity. However, through the strict review process in the past year, including Congressional hearings and FCC oversight, it has becomes clear in this case that these concerns have been addressed," the lawmakers write.

"In the six months since these filings were made, a voluminous record has been compiled at the FCC, the Department of Justice and in Congress."

The letter notes that six separate congressional hearings have been held on the merger in addition to an eight-hour public forum on the transaction hosted by the FCC in Chicago. The lawmakers also point out that interested parties had five months to file opening comments on the proposed transaction and nearly two additional months to file reply comments, which are due Thursday.

Both companies have made commitments to maintaining diverse content and a diverse workforce if the merger is approved. The FCC is expected to greenlight the merger. Thus far 84 members of the House and six senators have voiced their support for the merger, in addition to the governors of California, New York and Pennsylvania.