Tim O'Reilly sticks up for Google's Eric Schmidt after icecream truck driver ad

O'Reilly did not think the ad tackled the issue in a helpful way. Google, he said, provides “real value in exchange for the data” it collects. “And that data is understood and studied by computers, not by people.”

Plus, Google is not alone in collecting personal information, O’Reilly added.

“I find myself thinking of the scene in Casablanca when Louis says, ‘Round up the usual suspects,’" he said. “Google has lots of data about us, but so do our credit card companies, our phone companies, our insurance companies, various companies explicitly set up to mine consumer data for advertisers.”

Watch the ad about Google here. It was posted by perennial Google critic Consumer Watchdog and likely garnered a great deal of views after the popular website the Drudge Report linked to it during the weekend.