High-tech job market flat in first half of 2010

The tech industry continued to add jobs until the last quarter of 2008, at which point most of the country had already plunged into recession. Between June 2009 and June 2010 the industry lost 72,800 jobs, a 1.2 percent workforce decline. The overall U.S. private sector lost 334,000 jobs during that period, a drop of 0.3 percent.

“As one of the last industries to feel the effects of the recession, the technology industry now appears to be slowly turning the corner with the rest of the economy,” said Phil Bond, president of the industry group TechAmerica. “We have weathered the storm better than most."

Technology manufacturing (+9,100), software services (+14,200) and engineering services (+29,700) all added jobs during the first six months of 2010, while communications services shed 22,800 jobs. Bond said government policies to spur the tech industry would be crucial to creating a sustained economic recovery.

"From its position embedded in every other industry, technology remains the best hope for driving robust recovery across the economy," Bond said. "America can only realize the full promise of an innovation recovery with smarter public policies focused on developing and attracting the best talent, investing in research and development, and growing and securing our information infrastructure.”