Administration slashes two more huge IT projects

Another one of those projects is the Department of Interior's Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System, a department-wide system for collecting and sharing law enforcement and security information, with a lifecycle cost of $123 million. Kundra said Interior has turned the system's development around by breaking it into smaller pieces.

Kundra spent the first part of his speech touting the administration's efforts at reforming technology procurement, specifically crediting the launch of the IT Dashboard, a website that depicts agency-reported data on the status of major IT projects. 

"We didn’t wait until the data was perfect to launch," Kundra said. "In fact, had we waited for perfect data, the IT Dashboard would still be awaiting launch. Only by exposing the data and holding agencies accountable will the data quality improve."

IT experts and transparency advocates have questioned the reliability of the data on the site, which often appears at odds with media reports and audits from inspector generals and the Government Accountability Office.