FCC chairmen chat on C-SPAN

"You caused this problem, so I feel you should have to explain how these jurisdictional things should all come about and how this should be resolved," Hundt said to Martin (in a lighthearted way).

"I get blamed for causing lots of problems," Martin said.

Later in the interview (at around the 38:54 mark), after Martin raises concerns about the proposed merger of Comcast and NBC Universal, he points to what he sees as a contradiction in Hundt's stance that vertical integration does not pose a threat to competition.

"I'm sorry, when SBC talked about purchasing AT&T, I think that was described as a vertical merger that at the time you said was 'unthinkable,'" Martin said. 

"Actually, I'm so glad you raised that," Hundt said. He said that it was the combination's horizontal aspects that concerned him.

They also find various areas of consensus and are generous about complimenting one another. Watch here.