FCC wants free gadgets

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Tuesday it is accepting donations for its "technology experience center" where staff and invited guests will gain "hands-on experience with technology."

From the announcement:

“Today’s world of technology is always changing, and we are establishing the Technology Experience Center to allow FCC employees to keep pace with this change,” said Steven VanRoekel, the FCC’s Managing Director. “The goal of FCC TEC is to promote better employee understanding of the current state of technology in the industries in which the Commission oversees.”

What is your reaction to this new initiative? Does it make the agency sound like it is out of touch with the industries it regulates? Or like it is building a massive game room? Or like it's your moochy friend who is always asking to borrow cash? Or perhaps it seems innovative to float a new idea? Please write to sjerome@thehill.com with your thoughts on the technology experience center.