Anuzis focuses on tech for run at RNC chair

"To take advantage of our 2010 state election victories we will need to buttress the efforts of our state parties and legislative caucuses to make sure they have the information technology, legal support, and data needed to win the redistricting war," he said.

To date Anuzis has carefully avoided any explicit criticism of Steele's tenure, choosing instead to let Republican lawmakers like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) make that case for him. But in his announcement he promised to safeguard donor funds, likely a veiled reference to the expense account scandal that rocked the RNC earlier this year.

"I will run a tight ship and be a conscientious steward of our donor’s money. I will engage both our donor community and the Budget Committee in a detailed review and supervision of how we allocate our resources," Anuzis said.

"I will be accountable for every penny spent. I will always be mindful that the RNC’s resources come from hard-working Americans who love their country and were willing to sacrifice to make it a better place."