FCC scheduled Saturday strategy session on net neutrality

Net neutrality was the topic at a meeting of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) aides scheduled for Saturday morning, according to a report from Communications Daily.

Citing an industry executive, the report said the aides were scheduled for a strategy session on how the agency should proceed with its proposal to regulate Internet lines.

Analysts predicted this week that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski may push forward with that effort in December.

Speculation that he may act prompted strong pushback from Republicans on Friday.

The Communications Daily report cited an industry executive as saying FCC officials were warned earlier this week not to move forward. 

The executive said that a call between House Republicans aides and FCC officials left the impression that the GOP members have leadership's support if they want to "go nuclear" on the FCC's plan.

Agency spokesperson Jen Howard has neither confirmed or denied whether the commission plans to act in December.

Howard said on Saturday night that no meeting occurred.