FCC reticence frustrates GOP staffers at Hill meetings

But aides said they did not feel like the meetings imparted much about the FCC plan.

"They were short on details," said one GOP aide.

Various staffers said they were frustrated with how little FCC officials were willing to say about the net-neutrality proposal. The officials refused to describe the exact argument it will use to ground its legal authority.

A GOP aide who attended a Friday meeting with FCC officials said aides were questioned on the timing of the decision — which comes before House Republicans assume the majority — as well as its legal basis.

"Bipartisan staff from both sides made it clear that no one on the Hill thinks the FCC will have the final word on this issue," the aide said.

"Most interestingly, no one has seen the rule making — nor will they, until after the vote," he added, noting that the the FCC did not bring the document, "still rumored to be 80 pages long," up to the Hill. "That means that until the FCC acts, Congress won’t have a real idea of where in the details the devils lie or how much we will have to undo."

Another aide said that along with authority and timing, transparency is a top concern to Republican members who oppose this proceeding.

"We can't even see the order," he said. "The public can't see it, we can't see it, but industry can see a lot of it."