Blackburn to introduce anti-net neutrality bill

Blackburn, a member of the House Communications subcommittee, also mentioned hearings as a way to push back against the FCC.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed formal net-neutrality rules on Wednesday, pending passage in a commission vote in December. He received support from Democrats and intense opposition from Republicans.

Still, there might be little the Republicans can do to stop Genachowski — it's unclear that Democrats will be enthusiastic to sign onto a Republican bill blocking net neutrality.

One indicator to that effect: Rep. Gene GreenGene GreenThe unfulfilled promise of mental health parity Setting the record straight on the Affordable Care Act In praise of trauma care—dozens saved by heroes of Orlando’s level one trauma center MORE (D-Texas), who rallied Democrats against strict FCC regulations this year, commended the FCC for moderating its views in its most recent proposal.

Further, President Obama made a campaign promise to support net neutrality, so he might be unlikely to sign such a bill.