Tech industry decries overtaxation

Verizon's policy executive, Tom Tauke, shared his concerns about overtaxation. "It's created a dynamic that makes us uncompetitive," he said.

Part of the challenge with persuading the next Congress to adopt tech-friendly policies is making lawmakers understand why the sector's concerns matter, according to Larry Irving, government affairs executive at Hewlett-Packard.

"It comes down to how you tell the story," he said. "Do we do as good a job as we should as an industry to sell our agenda?"

Tauke said technology officials sometimes assume lawmakers have a better understanding of technology issues than they really do, so educating members on the issues plays a key role on complicated topics.

One positive sign for tech policy may be that younger members who grew up with technology are rising to key positions, said Ralph Hellmann of the Information Technology Industry Council.

Whether that translates into strong technology policies is yet to be seen, he added.