Minority media group names Rep. Rush 'hero of the week'

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) was named the "hero of the week" by a minority media group, bolstering his bid to become the top Democrat on the telecom subcommittee.

The acknowledgment comes after Rush took weeks of criticism from the Color of Change campaign, a group of African-American activists who ardently support net-neutrality regulations.

The group has slammed Rush for what they see as a lack of commitment to minority issues, since he has not been a vocal net-neutrality supporter.  

But the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council had a different view on Rush's track record. The group said Rush "has done much for US citizens and the world of telecommunications" during his tenure.

"[H]e led the fight against telecom redlining, wrote the disadvantaged business provision in the broadband stimulus bill, fought to restore the minority media and telecom tax certificate, and is the strongest critic of weak civil rights enforcement at the FCC," MMTC writes.