Franken: Net-neutrality regs 'no longer worse than nothing'

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has come around on the Federal Communications Commission's net-neutrality rules — to an extent.

Franken was the most vocal net-neutrality proponent in Congress to say FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's original regulatory proposal, outlined three weeks ago, was so weak it would do harm to the Internet.

But Genachowski tweaked the proposal in the lead-up to a commission vote Tuesday. 

In response, Franken says he now sees the proposal as improved in key ways. He went so far as to say the proposal is "no longer worse than nothing."

Still, in an op-ed Wednesday on the Huffington Post, Franken was still highly critical of the new regulations. In particular, he thinks the rules for wireless carriers are too weak. 

"But here's the important thing to remember: This fight's not over. The FCC must vigorously enforce these new regulations — and it must follow through on addressing wireless discrimination going forward," he said. 

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