OVERNIGHT TECH: President Obama signs the Competes Act

Commerce report finds drawbacks to jamming cell phone signals in prisons. http://bit.ly/hBETz8

Four million landline users have ported their numbers to wireless accounts. http://bit.ly/gDpMhj

The Free State Foundation warns the FCC against placing too many conditions on Comcast-NBC Universal. http://bit.ly/fbMFgs

Forrester analyst says tablet sales will spike in 2011. http://nyti.ms/gJjJHA


Technology is everywhere these days — even in your medicine cabinet. The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog reports AT&T is offering a service through products called GlowCaps that send data to the manufacturer every time a user opens the medicine bottle in hopes of reminding them to take their medication. A cool idea, but it won't come cheaply: $10 for each cap plus $15 a month for service that includes an AT&T mobile network connection.