FCC report: Internet at many schools, libraries still crawling despite billions in federal funds

Schools and libraries that receive federal funding for Internet services want faster connections.

A report released by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday showed 80 percent of survey respondents who receive funding through the E-rate program said their broadband connections do not fully meet their needs. 

The E-rate program, directed by the FCC, provides $2.25 billion annually to educational institutions to help them pay for telecom services. 

Why they're not satisfied: More than half most said their connections are too slow; more than a third said getting online is too expensive. 

How fast are schools and libraries connecting to the Internet?

"Ten percent of E-rate survey respondents have broadband speeds of 100 Mbps or greater and most (55 percent) have broadband speeds greater than 3 Mbps," the FCC report said.

Only about two-thirds of respondents can offer some form of wireless connection.