Republican: Add political robocalls to ‘Do Not Call’ list

The FTC’s registry blocks telemarketers from calling people who add themselves to the list. The same rule does not apply to calls from political candidates, however, automated or otherwise. 

Foxx has worked to curb robocalling ever since her 2004 primary. She said some voters in her district received up to 10 robocalls a day from her opponent during that election. 

Foxx made calls to voters herself and found people were hesitant to talk to her because of all the automated outreach. 

"People were just turned off because they were getting all these robocalls," Groen said. "It turns voters off to the process." 

The bill is "simple and elegant," Groen said, operating on an FTC policy that already exists. 

It's "common sense," he said. 

Foxx also supports a "Do Not Call" registry by the Citizens for Civil Discourse, a project by a nonprofit that collects the names of people who do not want to receive candidate calls. Politicians can volunteer to respect the list.