Kucinich: NBC-Comcast deal jeopardizes net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission's recently passed net-neutrality plan will not be enough to prevent the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal from threatening the open nature of the Internet, according to liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio).

During a Wednesday speech on the House floor, Kucinich said the size of the new entity and its position as the largest broadband and cable provider in the country will make it difficult to protect equal access for rivals and smaller firms.

"With such a pervasive conglomerate, it seems unlikely that these restrictions will ensure equal access to the internet, whose creation was funded by taxpayers," Kucinich said.

He also reiterated his belief the FCC's net-neutrality proposal is weak and needs to be strengthened to prevent discrimination by Internet service providers against content providers.

"Like any powerful tool, the Internet must be protected from falling into the control of any one entity or entities which have too much authority to decide who can access it and what content they can put there," he continued. "We need real net neutrality, not the FCC's recent proposal, which I will fight to strengthen."