House Judiciary chairman knocks net-neutrality condition on Comcast-NBCU merger

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) isn't pleased the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice required Comcast and NBC Universal to submit to the FCC's recently passed net-neutrality plan.

"I am concerned that the Justice Department and FCC used this merger to impose the Obama administration's net neutrality agenda on Comcast and its customers. The merger review process is designed to protect competition and the public interest, not to expand the power of federal regulators over the private economy," Smith said in a statement issued Tuesday.

Comcast executive vice president David Cohen told reporters his firm supports FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's net-neutrality plan and has no problem agreeing to comply with it as part of the merger.

Smith also said he was disappointed the merger took so long and that he believes the government could have completed the review sooner.