Watchdog targets advertisers who haven't ditched MTV's 'Skins'

Stanley: "It's totally normal for a kid of 16 not to have had sex."

Tony: "It's embarrassing, Stan. So we go to a party and get some girl racopiously spliffed up, in a confused state, and she comes to believe, however momentarily of course, that you're attractive, and she bangs your brains out."

Stanley: "Michelle said tonight at the party..."

Katie: "You're going to dope me into outer space and then bang my brains out. … Later we'll get bumping."

Stanley: "At the party."

Katie: "At the party with a pile of drugs."

Stanley: "You got it."

Katie: "Oh, and Stanley, I only like really great narcotics, you understand?"

For its part, MTV holds that the show is within legal bounds and the company's responsibility to its audience. 

Some fans say the show is simply realistic, while others argue viewers are smart enough to understand the difference between the MTV version of high school and real life.