Genachowski: Broadband policy a 'BFD'

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman quoted the vice president Wednesday when describing the importance of sound broadband policy: It's a "BFD," he said.

Genachowski opened a conference on accelerating broadband deployment by stressing the need to slash red tape and inefficiency.

He said the FCC must "ask really hard questions about the benefits and burdens of [its] rules." He pointed to the FCC effort to reform its data collection policies, noting the agency has identified 20 separate data collection requirements that should be removed. 

He said the principle also applies to tower-siting and pole-attachment regulations, rules for how phone companies can deploy their technology.

In launching the conference, Genachowski said he wants answers on "what are the main obstacles to broadband deployment" and "what can the FCC do to accelerate broadband buildout."

That could include recommending best practices for deployment, so communities across the country do not have to reinvent the wheel, he said.