Boehner slams FCC for possibly 'running roughshod over local broadcasters'

John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerThe two-party system is dying — let’s put it out of its misery One year later, neither party can get past last year's election White House strikes back at Bushes over legacy MORE also slammed the FCC for getting too involved in the market by passing net-neutrality rules. 

"We see this threat in how the FCC is creeping further into the free market by trying to regulate the Internet," he said 

He said the GOP will forestall the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, although Democrats have not proposed to reinstate the policy. The Fairness Doctrine required broadcast licensees to provide "balanced" coverage.

"Our new majority is committed to seeing that the government does not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine," he said.

Boehner noted that Communications subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (Ore.) "has teamed up with another former broadcaster, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, to introduce legislation to help keep the airwaves free. I expect the House to act on this measure as well."