Eshoo, Waxman suggest net-neutrality repeal distracts from job creation; request hearing

"We think this departure from regular order is a serious mistake and urge you to reconsider," Waxman and Eshoo wrote.

Waxman and Eshoo suggested the effort distracts from the committee's jobs agenda.

"Our top priority in Congress should be creating jobs and rebuilding our economy. You apparently believe that disapproving the FCC regulation will promote economic growth. There are, however, many fast-growing companies that take a different position and believe approval of the disapproval resolution would be a serious threat to our economy," they said. 

The pair cites support for the rules from top Internet companies.

"U.S. companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and eBay lead the world in innovation. They all urged the FCC to act to protect an open Internet because “common sense baseline rules [are] critical to ensuring that the Internet remains a key engine of economic growth, innovation, and global competitiveness.”

It also cites support from cable and telecom companies. "In addition, there are cable and phone companies that have supported the FCC’s action and their voice, too, should be heard," the letter says. 

The Communications subcommittee has already held a net-neutrality hearing, featuring all four Federal Communication Commission commissioners and the chairman. The House Judiciary Committee's Intellectual Property subcommittee has also held a net-neutrality hearing.