AT&T to maintain 'large presence' in T-Mo's hometown

But the Bellevue Reporter notes that she also offered a note of reassurance: "She said the company remains committed to having a strong base in the Puget Sound area." 

Smith said: "Our headquarters will remain in Dallas but we will maintain a large presence in the Seattle area."

T-Mobile made a statement about how its staffers will fare in the merger: "There are more than 3,300 T-Mobile employees in the Seattle area, including retail store representatives, engineers and operational functions in our corporate headquarters in Bellevue, Washington."

It continued: "Making this combination a success will require the talent and commitment of T-Mobile USA employees."

The merger faces clearance at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Justice Department, which could extract conditions or move to block the deal.

The company as estimated that the reviews could take around a year.