Google chooses Kansas City for high-speed fiber network

Google has selected Kansas City, Kan., as the site for a new state-of-the-art fiber optic network that can access data at speeds 100 times faster than typical U.S. broadband connections.

"We’ve signed a development agreement with the city, and we’ll be working closely with local organizations, businesses and universities to bring a next-generation Web experience to the community," said Google vice president for access services Milo Medin.

"In selecting a city, our goal was to find a location where we could build efficiently, make an impact on the community and develop relationships with local government and community organizations."

More than 1,100 cities across the country applied to host the network. Google plans to fund the development of the network with service beginning in 2012.

The search giant will use the high-speed network to develop applications that demand more bandwidth while studying how consumers in the Kansas City, Mo., suburb use the connections.