Sony delays relaunch of PlayStation Network

Sony pushed back the relaunch of its PlayStation network over the weekend, acknowledging the gaming platform wouldn't be ready before Monday as previously planned.

The firm posted a update Friday acknowledging its promise last week to restore services within seven days came before the firm knew the full extent of the attack.

"When we held the press conference in Japan last week, based on what we knew, we expected to have the services online within a week," said senior director for corporate communications Patrick Seybold.

"We were unaware of the extent of the attack on Sony Online Entertainment servers, and we are taking this opportunity to conduct further testing of the incredibly complex system."

Elsewhere AllThingsD reports the firm is considering offering a reward for information about the attackers. Sony has been under fire from lawmakers for waiting almost a week before notifying customers via email that their personal data and credit card information may have been breached.