Parents group flags NBC show for nudity clause

The Parents Television Council (PTC) is raising concerns over an NBC show set to debut this fall that required cast members to sign a nudity clause.

The watchdog group that previously waged campaigns against MTV's "Skins" and "Gossip Girl" is now calling out "The Playboy Club," which is set on one of the more infamous nightclubs in Chicago during the 1960s. Contracts for the show stipulated that nudity or simulated sex may be required of cast members.

"NBC is toeing the line by airing the ‘The Playboy Club’ in the fall, a program in which actors were required to sign a nudity clause — virtually unheard of for broadcast television," said PTC President Tim Winter in a statement Wednesday.

"Protecting children from sex, violence and profanity will continue to be our priority, and our supporters will stand ready to make their voices heard."

In the past the group has targeted advertisers on the programs it opposes and has successfully convinced several firms to stop sponsoring shows like "Skins." The PTC also praised ABC and CBS for changing the titles of two series that previously contained the word "bitch."