House GOP sees jobs in wireless broadband

"Additional spectrum for wireless broadband will produce needed jobs in America. The buildout of wireless networks requires workers from a wide range o education and skill levels. Construction and maintenance of wireless networks is a capital-intensive venture," the memo said.

The memo cites the large sums wireless companies have invested in infrastructure, placing the figure at $310 billion over the last 25 years. 

"From the high-tech design and production of the network, to the building of towers, and installation of equipment, American workers at all levels of the economy are beneficiaries of increased investment in wireless networks," it said. "There is also, of course, the less tangible but no less real economic benefits from increased productivity, as well as the creation ofentirely new and innovative businesses," the memo said. 

The administration and the FCC see incentive spectrum auctions—in which TV broadcasters are offered money to give up their airwaves—as an important lever for promoting mobile broadband.