Obama tells public to visit Ready.gov

President Obama urged members of the public to visit Ready.gov to learn how to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irene this weekend during his audio address from Martha's Vineyard on Friday morning.

Obama warned the East Coast to take the incoming storm seriously, saying it is likely to be costly and extremely dangerous. Notably, he told listeners to check the Department of Homeland Security website for information about preparing for the storm, along with its Spanish counterpart.

"If you aren’t sure how to prepare your families or your home or your business for a hurricane or any other emergency, then you can visit Ready.gov — that's Ready.gov — or Listo.gov. That's Listo.gov," Obama said.

Meanwhile, the broadcasters touted data showing large spikes in viewership for local news programs in Baltimore, Virginia and Washington, D.C., after Tuesday's earthquake as evidence TV is still the primary source of information for Americans during a natural disaster.

Local TV stations also saw a spike in traffic to their websites following the the earthquake. Twitter and the mobile Web were among the most popular ways to communicate and receive information following the quake as phone lines were jammed by significantly elevated call volume.