GPS group urges FCC to ban LightSquared from upper half of spectrum

Although the company has no immediate plans to use the upper 10 MHz for its cell towers, it holds out hope that future fixes will enable it to use the spectrum without disrupting GPS devices.

The company is already operating a satellite service on the upper band without any interference problems, but only the cell towers can provide customers with ultra-fast wireless service.

In a filing with the FCC on Tuesday, the Coalition to Save Our GPS said the upper band “should be taken off the table now.”

The group argued “continued uncertainty regarding whether LightSquared may use that spectrum for stand-alone terrestrial operations is contrary to the public interest." 

LightSquared argues that the interference problem is the GPS industry's fault because the receivers "look into" LightSquared's spectrum. 

"Today’s filing by the coalition is little more than a land grab designed to reward spectrum squatters who have failed to innovate their technology," Terry Neal, a spokesman for LightSquared, said in an email.